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Made a Facebook page.

2013-11-03 14:33:15 by TheFoxHarbinger

For now it is in spanish, but if enough people throw likes, i will start updating in english.

Throw a like!


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2013-11-07 10:55:39

Yeah, unfortunately it's a marketing method that seems to work. We need to figure out how to start dragging people back here though. :) 3 years fly by!


2013-11-05 11:22:29

I mean I don't like FaceBook, and since this is a post asking for FaceBook likes I'm pondering if I should keep posting my opinion on such places. :)

TheFoxHarbinger responds:

Oh, well, it is your opinion! I hate them too, but who knows? Maybe there is one person that would like to see some updates of some random artist in the internet, so, why not?

Begging likes and suchlike are is bad, but worse is to don't do anything, i think i should always think bigger. Making a page is growing, even if it will not have a lot of followers for like... 3 years or so.


2013-11-05 04:18:47

I wonder if I should keep posting that I don't like FB on FB like posts. :/

TheFoxHarbinger responds:

Uhh, i did not understand that last sentence. Weird.