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Changed name.

2013-10-03 20:49:32 by TheFoxHarbinger

So... for the one that knew me before, and for the future, i am The Fox Harbinger.

So... what the hell it means? Ok, harbinger means... more or less is the soldier that leads the group and is in the front to provide security. Fox because... i like foxes. And i was always called Kettu by the people of my family, and i looked for it and it means Fox in... oh well, i forgot in what speech it means fox. But foxes are cool.

Well, i will continue drawing, thanks for reading.

A little drawing i'm doing...


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2013-10-09 19:00:24

Cambio de usuario, y a esto que le afecta a boca?

TheFoxHarbinger responds:

Mucho... ya verán...

Inserte risa malvada aquí.


2013-10-08 13:50:47

On that note, RIP Livecorpse

TheFoxHarbinger responds:

Rest in peace.


2013-10-07 15:59:49

Yeah, they're going fast! Sign-ups just passed 4,800,000 users. :P

Not that many active ones though...

TheFoxHarbinger responds:

The end is near. The users are dying.


2013-10-07 13:34:14

As in... The Great One, The Interviewer, The Redeemer... I'll just call you TheFoxHarbinger :P

TheFoxHarbinger responds:

We are running out of usernames, i think i should reserve some for my children!
In a few years it will be as hard as it is to find a good TV series.


2013-10-07 12:03:42

Ah yes, we all want to be remembered!! Stopsignal wasn't that anonymous a name either... but since I was thinking it was stopsign until I checked the response hmm... maybe this is better.

But then I'll confuse you with Quikfox :P

TheFoxHarbinger responds:

Well... then call me The. (?


2013-10-07 11:00:56

Ah, was going to ask what you used to be call, looks like you answered that in the comment. Think about it though, every time you type in your username now, you're typing in an extra five characters, which probably takes around 1/2 second, and assuming you type your username five hundred times a day... that's a lot of time wasted! Shorter names are always better IMO. It is a cool name though...

(Updated ) TheFoxHarbinger responds:

Haha, yeah, but is worth the effort. And who knows, maybe you can even remember it easier.

Who does not want to be remembered, anyway?

EDIT: Call me Fox if you want to...


2013-10-04 11:31:10

I don't like this name, but whatever suits you!

TheFoxHarbinger responds:

Well, it is kinda seasonal. I find it a bit more serious and in fact, i want to start over this account, more or less. And the best is to change the name to soemthing i like and i can characterize (expect a fox character). Also i got a bit addicted to The BInding of Isaac and the Four Harbingers theme, and i found out that i liked the word. And the fox thingie, well, it is explained up there. I really want to start some series of drawings of this, for now uncompleted, character.

Stopsignal was a bit noobish name, and i found out that it was not a name that i would like to be named. Just... so normal. So i think this suits me, at least, for now.